Tips and Testimonials

Feelin' the Love...
We love nothing better than hearing from happy, satisfied clients who have used Advanced Appliance Repair to service their washer, dryer or other appliance.  
"Thanks, Shawn for all your help last week on my Maytag.  You beat the Maytag repairman hands down!"
Betty P

Washer/Dryer Tips

  • Don’t over-dry clothing. You’ll save energy and reduce the heat’s wear and tear on your clothes.

  • Dry only full loads. Small loads are less economical.

  • Do a few loads in a row to take advantage of the dryer’s reserved heat.

Self Cleaning Ovens

  • Buy a self-cleaning oven. They have higher insulation levels and use less energy than ordinary ovens.

  • Just like your refrigerator door, your oven door should shut tight. Do the dollar bill test and, if necessary, adjust or replace the gasket.

  • Clean reflectors do their job better. They reflect heat and save energy.

Is your refrigerator near the stove, dishwasher or heat vents? Move it, if you can; you’ll save money and energy.
Vacuum refrigerator coils four times a year. Dirt and pet hair build up and that makes your refrigerator work harder to keep your food cool.
Remember that old test…If you easily can pull a dollar bill from the refrigerator door, change the door gasket. You are losing cold air.

Use the energy saver option on your dishwasher. And clean the filter after each washing.
Wash clothing in cold water whenever possible. And, since a clothes dryer is one of the home’s biggest users of energy, how about letting Mother Nature blow your clothing dry on occasion.

Clean your dryer filter after each use.